How To Be A Badass: A Lesson From Helen Mirren in RED

Helen Mirren is our everything. She’s a wildly talented actor, outspoken feminist, and she just kills us with glamour at every red carpet. But you haven’t seen Queen Helen at her badassiest until you’ve seen her kicking major tush as a career assassin in the movie RED. It’s a crash course on how to slay, in every sense of the word. So we put together this lesson in how to be a complete badass in 8 simple gifs.


Step 1: Learn to multi-task.


Step 2: Keep calm in all situations.


Step 3: Tell the dudes they can take a back seat.


Step 4: Always keep ‘em laughing.


Step 5: Say what you really mean.


Step 6: Perfect the art of the side eye.



Step 7: Make it clear when you disagree with someone’s comment. 



Step 8: Deal with adversity gracefully.