Douchebags Are My Specialty ;)

We’ve all been on that date, that date with the guy with the dreamy eyes who asks you a question and then interrupts you when you answer to let you know HE ACTUALLY KNEW THE ANSWER ALL ALONG. He’s the guy who has great arms, but insists on telling you that his female boss only got to where she is because she used her hot bod. The guy who who calls you honey and babe instead of calling you, you know, YOUR NAME.

Look, I know we are all drooling over this irreplaceable god of a man, but sorry ladies, he’s taken. This lady is going to make sure she’s the last person he ruins, I mean DATES… muahahaha. Be sure to watch J and J’s Production’s in action, and douches… beware.

Plus! It’s got an all female crew!

Written by: Joanna Pasiecnik
Directed by: Jil and Joanna Pasiecnik
Sound: Natalie Gaston
Director of Photography: Kelsey Phillips