Comedy specials that made 2020 a little more bearable

Sure, 2020 has been… a year. But, there were bright spots – especially for women+ in comedy! Here are our five favorite comedy specials from this year that made us forget all of (gestures broadly) this.


Hannah Gadsby – Douglas 

While Gadsby’s first special, Nanette, blew American comedian’s minds with its masterful storytelling, balancing comedy and tragedy, her follow-up special, Douglas, hits harder on tight jokes and perfectly delivered observations. Did it meet our expectations? No: It exceeded them!


Sam Jay – 3 in the Morning

This is Sam Jay’s first special and she wastes no time jumping right into laugh out loud material. The ease of her delivery and timing feels like she’s the funniest person at the party, and you can’t get enough of her stories. (Remember parties? Sigh.)


Natalie Palamides – Nate: A One Man Show 

This special is so wonderfully bizarre, we couldn’t take our eyes off of it. Palamides’ character Nate is over the top and we loved every second of masterfully orchestrated chaos.


Maria Bamford – Weakness is the Brand

Bamford’s delightful brand of quirky comedic takes does not disappoint in this special. Her observations are off the wall, uniquely hers, and yet somehow universally relatable.


Fortune Feimster – Sweet and Salty

After an opening of throwback photos from Feimster’s youth, her mom introduces her to the stage which made us audibly say “aww.” It was an endearing start to a show, and that feeling continues throughout the hour as she describes growing up in the South as a naïve tomboy turned out Lesbian.