15 Times Kristen Wiig Characters Were Actually All Of Us

Elizabeth Banks Whohaha-Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig has played some of our favorite characters ever – from Saturday Night Live to the big screen, we’ll always be obsessed with whoever she plays.

Here are 15 times Kristen Wiig characters were actually all of us. We relate so hard to these.

1. When your debit card gets declined at Starbucks.

That’s cold credit card….that’s cold.

2. When your crush is talking to you and you can’t get it together.

Me talk good, yes.

3. When your friends stop over unannounced and you have no time to get ready.

What do you mean I don’t look cute?

4. When your coworkers are like, “Can you stop chewing so loud?”


5. When your friends don’t understand why you aren’t wearing pants.

Elizabeth Banks Whohaha-Girl Most Likely

Leave the judging at the door, thanks.

6. When you get paid and rent is due the next day.

Lived the life of a baller for approximately 10 minutes.

7. When someone points out you haven’t been on a date in months.

Ain’t no shame in the comfy clothes game.

10. When your favorite song comes on at the club and you can’t control your limbs.


11. When your trainer is like, “no more wine in your diet.”

Literally not going to happen.

12. When you can’t think of a witty tweet.

It’s fine. I’m fine. I don’t care about social media!

13. When the person you’re talking to on Tinder turns out to be an actual decent human being.


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