10 Times Baby from “Dirty Dancing” Was All of Us

Elizabeth Banks Whohaha-Dirty Dancing

It may be nearly 30 years old, but we’re still as obsessed with Dirty Dancing as ever. How can you not be?! If you haven’t endangered yourself at least a hundred times attempting the final epic dance move between Baby and Johnny, are you sure you’re a human being?

Us in our dreams:

Us in reality:

It’s fine. We’re fine. IT’S ALL FINE.

Because we’re obsessed with this movie, we put together 10 times Baby is all of us.

1. When you tell yourself you’re only going to eat half of the Chipotle burrito bowl.

One day we won’t inhale the entire thing…but NOT TODAY, SATAN. NOT TODAY.

2. When the Postmates delivery man shows up at the office.


No man is a failure who has food for you.

3. When your parents are like, “What have you been doing to further your career?”

Just let me pursue my dreams and find myself, okay!

4. When you give your friend attitude and then realize you use their Netflix account.

Would literally take a bullet for anyone who shares their Netflix account.

5. When the person you’re dating finds your fanfiction account open on your laptop.

It’s a legitimate form of self-expression, okay?!

6. When you’re trying to kill a bug but want to still look good in front of bae.

“I’m sorry, you were saying what?”

7. When your boss gives you a compliment on a Friday afternoon.

Is this what Beyoncé feels like at all times? Cool, cool, cool.


9. When you have to go to work in the morning but don’t want to stop snuggling your cat.

Cats>everyone else.

10. When a gorgeous man is trying to teach you the power of dance but you’re just too damn ticklish.

We are not at fault here.

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