DIY Eggnog With Deb!

To know Beth Hoyt is to love Beth Hoyt. She’s the genius behind the Beth In Show, she does the strangest Tilda Swinton vlogs, and all of her impressions are gold. In this episode of It’s Great Right, our series starring Beth as a DIY ‘expert’, she experiments with holiday crafts! Will she make it through without crying? You’ll have to watch to find out, bbs.

Lean In, Ladies! Whoa Not That Much.

Women always have to apologize for taking up space and stating our minds! And we’re not doing it anymore! Unless that makes us sound like bitches, in which case we’ll definitely apologize. Sorry. The insane balancing act that every femme person does all the time is perfectly parodied by this sketch from College Humor and Rekha Shankar.

And for real, sorry if this post came off too harsh. We’re just such spazzes sometimes!

A Kindergarten Teacher Explains Online Dating

We wish Ms Jessie had been our kindergarten teacher. Maybe if she had we would know better than to waste all this time trying to impress losers on Coffee Meets Bagel. Comedy angels Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles strike again with their series A Kindergarten Teacher Explains, and honestly between the cute kids and the perfect jokes it’s becoming our favorite part of the week. Don’t forget to check out episodes one and two!

No Healthcare? No Problem!

We’re so in love with Jen Spyra. She’s the announcer for the Late Show, and she also wrote and starred in this incredible guide to GOP home remedies. No Obamacare? Stop whining and drink some all-American booze!