Dude That's F****D Up

Do you love crimes, cults, gross scary bugs, and other things that are just so f****d up?! Then we have the perfect podcast for you! Tune in while our hilarious hosts Nicole Mackie and Erin Saul discuss the most messed up stuff this side of the moon. We know you all love that gross and disgusting dark stuff, like murder and sex dungeons! So tune in now! Listen on the WhoHaha app!

E221: Dude, That’s Furrked Up

May 26, 2021

E221: Dude, That’s Furrked Up

Dude That's F****D Up

Erin and Nicole aren't the only ones to sh*t on this historic, Seattle Furry convention, because its attendees literally did that first! Grab your Venti Starbucks, your animal ears and an adult diaper, we're headed back in time to RainFurrest 2015!

(If you haven't heard it already, or you want a refresher on the Furries/the Furry community, check out Episode 116, "Fur Sure!")


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