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SXSW Dirty Girl Special (Dirty Differences, Intro to Kink, & Santa)

March 13, 2019

SXSW Dirty Girl Special (Dirty Differences, Intro to Kink, & Santa)

Gender Fluids

Heather Ann Gottlieb, host of the podcast Dirty Girl which is also on the WhoHaha podcast network, came to Austin,TX for SXSW so we decided to do a crossover episode! Arielle talks about wanting to commit pitbull genocide, Heather and Ava talk about tearful Pixar animated shorts, Heather interviews Ava and Arielle about their thoughts on dirtiness, Heather tells Ava and Arielle about starting Dirty Girl, the story of a woman’s unusually large expelled period clump is investigated, Ava gives “advice” to Heather about how to start thinking about kinky as she begins to further explore her sexuality, and the Fetish of the Week is Santa! Also, in true SXSW fashion, we were all really freaking high while recording so some of these thoughts may be scattered and spacey. Fair warning.

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