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Polygamy Dreams, Coming Out Addiction, Tails, & Suicide

March 6, 2019

Polygamy Dreams, Coming Out Addiction, Tails, & Suicide

Gender Fluids

We’re in a weird place this week. Arielle talks about her dream of one day becoming a polygamist Mormon roots, Ava asks Arielle about her describing the act of coming out as “addicting”, Ava talks about how coming out has been the opposite experience for her, Ava shares a voice memo she recorded on the way to work one morning after listening to Woman of Size (an amazing podcast also on the WhoHaha network you should listen to), Ava talks about wearing a cat tail buttplug, and there are two fetish of the weeks this week! The first Fetish of the Week is tails, and the second is suicide. Neither one is the best segment, so we included both. Sometimes we all have off weeks and this was definitely an off week for Gender Fluids.

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