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Calling all Golden Girls fans! Each week, hosts H. Alan Scott (aka Sadie Pines) and Kerri Doherty watch and dissect an episode of the show. Sometimes they have a friend over to join, like YouTube star Grace Helbig, RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars winner Alaska Thunderfuck, comedian Eliot Glazer (Broad City), & even Grammy-winning artist LIZZO! If you love The Golden Girls and you love to laugh then tune in! Listen on the WhoHaha app!

Golden Girls Podcast: Pride Special Episode

June 15, 2021

Golden Girls Podcast: Pride Special Episode

Out on the Lanai

Today we’re celebrating Pride with a roundup of the fan favorite LGBTQ+ themed episodes of ‘The Golden Girls.’ H. Alan covers all the best queer moments, from “lesbian, lesbian, LESBIAN!” to Clayton, Jean and so much more. What are your favorite queer moments?! Let us know at @GoldenGirlsPod on Twitter and @OutOnTheLanaiOfficial on Instagram. And remember… STAY GOLDEN!

- Golden Girls: S1E1 - Gaby Dunn https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s1e1-gaby-dunn/

- Golden Girls: S2E5 - Sara Schaefer https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s2e5-sara-schaefer/

- Golden Girls: S4E9 – Scared Straight aka THE ONE WHERE CLAYTON COMES OUT!!! https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s4e9-scared-straight-aka-the-one-where-clayton-comes-out/

- Golden Girls: LIVE EPISODE – “72 Hours” (with Alaska Thunderfuck & Eliot Glazer) - https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-live-episode-72-hours-with-alaska-thunderfuck-eliot-glazer/

- Golden Girls: S6E14 – “Sister of the Bride” with Vanessa Vazquez - https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s6e14-sister-of-the-bride-with-vanessa-vazquez/

- Golden Girls: S7E14 – “Goodbye Mr Gordon” - https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s7e14-goodbye-mr-gordon/