Dirty Girl

Can't get enough of celebrating how dirty women are? Well, get your vagina havers' excited because it's time for season 3 of Dirty Girl, baby! Dirty Girl, the podcast where women talk to women about their disgusting habits, taboo secrets, and unruly pastimes, makes its disgusting return! And we are here for it. Listen on the WhoHaha app!


October 18, 2018


Dirty Girl

What happens to your nipples when you’re pregnant? Are you more likely to get constipated while pregnant? Where can I get an epidural right now? And what’s it like when the body inside of your body has bodily functions of their own? We talk to two ladies about their experience of havin’ a beh-beh, and ask them to describe in graphic detail. There is no such thing as TMI on this show! Also, everybody shits while giving birth. It’s just a thing.

Thanks to our guests Amy and Jenny!

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HOSTED BY: Heather Ann Gottlieb

DGP TEAM: Cameron Tagge, Alex Salem, Tristen Bankston

GRAPHICS: Kevin Laughlin