Girly Mags

Do you miss the 90's? We can all agree that was a GREAT time! Can we all go back? Luckily for us we have the amazing Girly Mags! Girly Mags is a hilarious, silly 90/2000 teen magazine podcast. Want to know what happened to JTT? Or which 90210 character are you? Then this is the podcast for you! Listen on the WhoHaha app!

Patreon Episode 7

October 22, 2021

Patreon Episode 7

Girly Mags

We got our seasonal affective disorder with a little extra pumpkin spice this year, but that won’t stop us from giving you a collection of Too Wild for Podcast segments from our Patreon!

EPISODE 68: YM May 1995 - Razor’s Edgy

Marta Es tells us about the history of shaving and things get a little hairy. 

Listener be-NAIR?!

EPISODE 69: Twist May 2004 - Stalking then Stockings

The Girly Gang takes on celebrity stalkers, then we play a classic daytime talk show game.


EPISODE 70: J-14 February 2006 - Humiliation Olympic Games in Paris

We talk Paris Hilton's love life, Celeb hook-ups, humiliation Olympics and play Match Dumb Celeb Quotes.

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