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Do you miss the 90's? We can all agree that was a GREAT time! Can we all go back? Luckily for us we have the amazing Girly Mags! Girly Mags is a hilarious, silly 90/2000 teen magazine podcast. Want to know what happened to JTT? Or which 90210 character are you? Then this is the podcast for you! Listen on the WhoHaha app!

Episode 72: Teen October 1994

February 17, 2022

Episode 72: Teen October 1994

Girly Mags

Well, if you got deja vu, you aren't alone! We had to take ANOTHER unexpected break due to a loss in the Girly Mags family and a virulent new strain of COVID. But we're back, baby, and we're gonna hit you one more time with Teen's October 1994 issue. We got your reader write-ins, wedgies, and we dunk on diets. Get your paws on this body-pos episode!


This Month in Herstory - October 1994

Ask Jack and Juli - Gross relationships and possessive POS

Why Me? - Wedgie wonder

The Carbo Connection - Death to diet culture

Quiz -Find your perfect match

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