6 Times Elle Woods Proved The Haters Wrong

Elle Woods is pretty much our role model. She’s brilliant, she’s got an impeccable sense of style, she’s forgiving, and she’s a Gemini vegetarian. What’s not to like!

So to celebrate our favorite lawyer (and of course our new line of Legally Blonde hats, sweatshirts, and notebooks) we put together an ode to the times she showed the haters what’s what.



When she did NOT need a plan B.



When she proved that style matters as much as substance.



When she showed that you can always reinvent yourself.



When she taught us that anyone can flirt at maximum efficiency



When she made a nerd the coolest dude in school.



When she was basically the world’s greatest lawyer.



And she did it all with ease…




Shopping Gives You Endorphins. Endorphins Make You Happy!!

You are SO not ready for this collab. WhoHaha teamed up with MGM and Legally Blonde to create an official collection of hats, notebooks, shirts and sweaters featuring our fave quotes from the movie. They’re comfy, they’re trendy, and whether you’re a superfan or just have a healthy appreciation for pink, you’re gonna want them in your life. Read on for all the deets!


‘What? Like It’s Hard?’ Cap



Doesn’t matter if you’re studying for the LSAT’s or throwing a sorority formal – nothing’s too hard for you, boo boo. This snap-back baseball cap features an embroidered front and all the style you can handle. It’s 100% cotton and it’s cute as heck.



‘What? Like It’s Hard?’ Embroidered Tee



Whether you wear this bad boy to a study sesh, to the gym, or on a date, people will know you’re not sweatin’ it. This women’s tee features the motto ‘What? Like it’s hard?’ embroidered with a cute heart and an xo, and it’s all cotton so it’s super duper soft.



‘What? Like It’s Hard?’ Notebook



But then there are those times you don’t want to say what you mean with just a tee. These notebooks are perfect for all your most important musings and doodles. Oh, and maybe for taking notes and working and journaling too. It’s got 80 lined pages of sleekness, and comes in fuchsia or white.



‘Whoever Said Orange Was The New Pink Was Seriously Disturbed’ Sweater



Um, pretty sure PINK is the new pink. Which is why we just had to have this comfy pre-shrunk cotton sweatshirt in the perfect light pink. Much better than that heinous angora.


‘Bend And Snap’ Cap



Snappy name for a hella cute hat. This trendy dad cap has Elle’s famous motto on it, plus the soft pink color and embroidery keep it classic. Snap it on and keep the sun off, whether you’re in Beverly Hills or Harvard Yard.