Finally, A Recovery Center for Monsters

Oooh girl, you’d better believe there’s a big ol trigger warning on this video. But there’s honestly a trigger warning on the entire world at this point, ever since apparently everyone decided that the real victims of rape are… wait for it… rapists!

This sketch from writer Zoe Schwab made us laugh but also want to punch a wall. Which, if you think about it, is probably what good satire should do.

Ladies, Learn To Smyle

Sometimes morons are like ‘why are women so upset about men telling them to smile, we’re just being friendly’. Those are p much the only times we ever consider homicide.

But for those moments when you just have to put up and shut up for the patriarchy, there’s a new product on shelves that you’re just gonna love! Writer Jen McCartney brings us Smyle ™ – the pill that’ll keep you compliant and pretty, so men never have to feel uncomfortable or even consider other people’s feelings.