You Can Tell Me Anything

Do you love to hear juicy stories or someone spilling the beans? Want to hear about someone getting catfished, sabotaging a roommate, or ghosting an ex? Then we got the podcast for you! Get your popcorn ready and tune into "You Can Tell Me Anything" with Teresa Lee to hear all the rants, apologies, and secrets!

March 3, 2021

#144 Anna Hossnieh: My Cousin Asked If I’d Marry His Son

You Can Tell Me Anything

Anna Hossnieh, co-host of Ethnically Ambiguous, comes on the pod to share a hilarious story of how a family gathering in Iran turned into an odd proposal. We discuss what it's like not know direct family members as the children of immigrant parents, and more. Follow Anna and listen to her podcasts The Daily Zeitgeist, Will You Accept This Rose, and more, on iHeartRadio.

February 24, 2021

#143 Super Confidant Julia: Mind Body Connection and Research Psychology

You Can Tell Me Anything

In this special Confidant Confession episode, Teresa talks to Super Confidant Julia, who is a research psychology major with incredible insight on mind + body connection, trauma therapy, and more. She shares her path from musical therapy to research, and gives some tips on how to stay present and use natural instinct to process trauma.

February 17, 2021

#142 Sofiya Alexandra: I Had Three Miscarriages Through Surrogates

You Can Tell Me Anything

Comedian and host of Private Parts Unknown Sofiya Alexandra opens up about her heartbreaking experience with miscarriage. When she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments, she froze her embryos and has gone through several surrogates in the last two months. She gets vulnerable and shares how she processes the grief, pain, and how to maintain a positive outlook and keep her faith in tact. We talk about how love is vulnerable and fearless, and how the experience shaped her comedy. Listen to her podcasts 420 Day Fiancee and Private Parts Unknown and follow her at @thesofyia.

February 10, 2021

#141 Martin Urbano & Kelsey Caine: Couples Confession Edition

You Can Tell Me Anything

Teresa talks to comedian power couple Martin Urbano and Kelsey Caine for a special Valentines Day episode where they each confess something to the other. We discuss love languages, being a homebody, how to support your partner when you're both in the same creative field, and more. Follow them both at @martinurbano and @kelseycaine and watch their show Power Couple on Rizzle.

February 3, 2021

#140 Dana Donnelly: I Used to Be Really Into Fake IDs

You Can Tell Me Anything

Dana Donnelly confesses in high school she dabbled in selling fake IDs to her classmates. Teresa and Dana discuss growing up in the same high pressure academically oriented hometown in Northern California, how to parent yourself through unprecedented emotions, and when it's time to trust your intuition and get out of a toxic situation. Content warning: eating disorders, suicide. Follow Dana at @danadonly on Twitter and @hottestdana on Instagram.