You Can Tell Me Anything

Do you love to hear juicy stories or someone spilling the beans? Want to hear about someone getting catfished, sabotaging a roommate, or ghosting an ex? Then we got the podcast for you! Get your popcorn ready and tune into "You Can Tell Me Anything" with Teresa Lee to hear all the rants, apologies, and secrets! Listen on the WhoHaha app!

May 12, 2021

#153 Dhaya Lakshminarayan: I Enjoy Practicing Buddhism

You Can Tell Me Anything

In this episode, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan confesses that she found Buddhism as an adult and is committed to the practice of her own spirituality, though as a Bay Area resident, she feels conflicted over the stigma of new age spiritual stigmas related to the "trend" of positivity without a true practice. We get into how to handle offended audiences, how to self reflect, and how to balance comedy on top of serious self reflection. Follow Dhaya at @dhayalive.

May 5, 2021

#152 Whitmer Thomas: I Photoshopped My Bank Statements To Get Housing

You Can Tell Me Anything

In this episode, comedian Whitmer Thomas confesses that for most of his adult life, he had to photoshop bank statements to afford an apartment in Los Angeles while pursuing comedy. We discussed how landing an HBO special right before the pandemic affected him, how he navigated being a newcomer on the LA scene when he first moved here from Alabama, and more. Watch Whitmer's special The Golden One on HBO!

April 28, 2021

#151 Nikki Martinez (Hellrose): I Buy Fruit Pouches Meant for Toddlers

You Can Tell Me Anything

In this episode, musician Nikki Martinez confesses she buys fruit pouches meant for toddlers. She has good reasons and convinced Teresa by the end of the episode. Nikki plays with the band Potty Mouth and is about to release her solo EP as Hellrose. Her solo track "Goodbye" is available now, streaming on all the platforms. Follow her solo project Hellrose at @hellrosebandofficial on Instagram.

April 21, 2021

#150 Megan Gailey: I Get Satisfaction from Picking my Nose

You Can Tell Me Anything

Comedian Megan Gailey (Conan, Lights Out) confesses that her guilty pleasure is picking her nose. So much that her husband has called her out on it. We talk about her image as prom queen and sorority girl conflicting with her habit and play a game of sports and reality TV quotes. Follow Megan at @megangailey and listen to her podcast I Love A Lifetime Movie.

April 14, 2021

#150 Debra DiGiovanni: I Made Up With My Mother In The Last 18 Months of Her Life

You Can Tell Me Anything

In this episode, comedian Debra DiGiovanni tells Teresa why she had a tough relationship with her mother while her twin sister had the opposite, and takes us through the journey of her finding independence & freedom, to how she finally reconciled her relationship in the last year and half of her mother's life. Follow Debra at @debradg and watch her special on Epix "Unprotected Sets"!