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Calling all Golden Girls fans! Each week, hosts (and GG superfans) H. Alan Scott and Kerri Doherty watch and dissect an episode of the show. Sometimes they have a friend over to join, like YouTube star Grace Helbig, actor Timothy Simons (Veep), RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars winner Alaska Thunderfuck, & comedy duo Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld! If you love Golden Girls and you love to laugh then tune in! Listen on the WhoHaha app!

October 26, 2021

Golden Girls Podcast REWATCH: Ladies of the Evening

Out on the Lanai

H. Alan Scott (aka Sadie Pines) and Kerri Doherty Bush get together to rewatch 'Ladies of the Evening,' the iconic season 2 episode of 'The Golden Girls.' Topics covered: the lukewarm legacy of Burt Reynolds (still hot tho), Dorothy's time at Attica, and the magic that is Sophia Petrillo.

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June 15, 2021

Golden Girls Podcast: Pride Special Episode

Out on the Lanai

Today we’re celebrating Pride with a roundup of the fan favorite LGBTQ+ themed episodes of ‘The Golden Girls.’ H. Alan covers all the best queer moments, from “lesbian, lesbian, LESBIAN!” to Clayton, Jean and so much more. What are your favorite queer moments?! Let us know at @GoldenGirlsPod on Twitter and @OutOnTheLanaiOfficial on Instagram. And remember… STAY GOLDEN!

- Golden Girls: S1E1 - Gaby Dunn https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s1e1-gaby-dunn/

- Golden Girls: S2E5 - Sara Schaefer https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s2e5-sara-schaefer/

- Golden Girls: S4E9 – Scared Straight aka THE ONE WHERE CLAYTON COMES OUT!!! https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s4e9-scared-straight-aka-the-one-where-clayton-comes-out/

- Golden Girls: LIVE EPISODE – “72 Hours” (with Alaska Thunderfuck & Eliot Glazer) - https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-live-episode-72-hours-with-alaska-thunderfuck-eliot-glazer/

- Golden Girls: S6E14 – “Sister of the Bride” with Vanessa Vazquez - https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s6e14-sister-of-the-bride-with-vanessa-vazquez/

- Golden Girls: S7E14 – “Goodbye Mr Gordon” - https://whohaha.com/episodes/golden-girls-s7e14-goodbye-mr-gordon/

April 29, 2021

Golden Girls Podcast Rewatch: And Then There Was One

Out on the Lanai

We’ve got news!!! Kerri and Stan are having a BABY (like a real one, not a prize-winning pig)! In honor of this amazing news we’re watching “And Then There Was One,” which we at first confused for the one with ‘Mr. Sandman,’ have you ever done that? You have, admit it! Listen and share your reactions with H. Alan Scott aka Sadie Pines and Kerri Doherty on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Visit OutOnTheLanai.com for all the links! While you’re at it, download the WhoHaHa app to listen to Out on the Lanai and a ton of other greats podcasts. STAY GOLDEN!

April 1, 2021

Golden Girls Podcast: SPECIAL EPISODE with Alaska Thunderfuck and Eliot Glazer

Out on the Lanai

H. Alan Scott and Kerri Doherty are joined by Golden Girls VIP guests Alaska Thunderfuck (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and Eliot Glazer (Broad City) for a very special episode! We put their love of the Golden Girls to the test in this nail biter of an episode of Out on the Lanai! Follow us on Twitter at @GoldenGirlsPod and Instagram at @OutOnTheLanaiOfficial. Download the WhoHaHa app to listen to every single episode of Out on the Lanai. And as always, remember… STAY GOLDEN!

March 6, 2021

Golden Girls Podcast REWATCH: Happy Birthday Alaska Thunderfuck!

Out on the Lanai

Surprise! H. Alan Scott (aka Sadie Pines) and Kerri Doherty return to watch Alaska Thunderfuck’s favorite episode, ‘What a Difference a Date Makes,’ in honor of her birthday! She’s a longtime GG VIP, but more than that, she’s our sister (said in Dorothy’s voice). We also talk about Sadie’s TV debut and upcoming rewatches we’ll be doing. STAY GOLDEN!!