Gender Fluids

Gender Fluids takes an explicit and unapologetic look into the rarely explored depths of sex and gender. Through intensely candid conversations, comedians Austin Smartt & Arielle Norman dive into everything from birthing fetishes to what misgendering dogs says about our society. No subject is too far out, or too sensitive to be discussed. Subscribe to get all of the deliciously depraved anti think-piece commentary on sex and gender you could ever desire! Not for the faint of heart, weak of mind, or lame of soul.

October 16, 2018

Ep. 35 – Hybrid Orgasms, Pervy Architecture, & Farts

Gender Fluids

In this episode Arielle talks about how she is has learned to have a hybrid anal/clitoral orgasm using the power of her mind, Austin opens up about how she has only ever though positive things about poorly designed buildings that let folks see up her skirts, we rage about people being arrested in Florida in an online prostitution sting, Arielle talks about transboys being into gay porn, and the fetish of the week is Farts!

As always your hosts are Austin Smartt and Arielle Isaac Norman.

October 10, 2018

Ep. 34 – Gyno Converts, Mispronouning, & Mummification

Gender Fluids

Arielle talks about asking customers at work how they perceive her, then Arielle gloats about how perfect his vagina is and how he is sad Austin's trans vagina will never be as perfect, this is followed by a story of Arielle helping their gyno understand trans kids, Austin and Arielle talk about why the use of mispronouning is better than saying misgendering in a lot of cases, Austin tells trans people to chill out, and the fetish of the week is mummification!

As always your hosts are Austin Smartt & Arielle Issac Norman

October 3, 2018

Ep. 33 – Mo Alexander: An Old School Kinky Dude

Gender Fluids

The incomparable Mo Alexander graced us with his presence for this episode. We talk to Mo about how he figured out he was kinky, what its like to be a sadist, going to gay bars in Memphis, TN at age 16 so he could drink underage, Tennessee bondage clubs, how he things about being a sadist, and so so much more. Mo also asks Austin about her Star Wars fantasies, and gives Arielle advice on going to kink parties in ATX as well as encourages them to finally eat some ass. There is also talk of vampires, hitting Ted Cruz in the face with a poop filled sock, octopuses in vaginas, and when you should laugh at farts and queefs during sex.

As always your hosts are Austin Smartt & Arielle Issac Norman.


September 26, 2018

Ep. 32 – Religious DDLG, Trans on Trans Misgendering, & Hypnotism

Gender Fluids

In this episode Arielle talks about a table read they went to where the director and cast ended up naturally figuring out how to use pronouns around Arielle, Arielle talks about a weird gender/genital oriented pickup line tossed at them, Austin admits she wasn't happy about getting set up on a blind date with another transwoman, Austin and Arielle dive into the sensations of butts and putting things in them, Arielle opens up about some roleplaying she has been getting into, Austin and Arielle delight at the image of God butt fucking Jesus in a Daddy/Little relationship, Austin tells the story of misgendering Arielle's boyfriend and Arielle laughs at the trans on trans misgendering, Arielle talks more about the way in which he decides what pronouns to use and tell people to use, we celebrate the one year anniversary of Gender Fluids, Austin get's pretty trashed by the end of the episode, and the fetish of the week is hypnotism! As always your hosts are Austin Smartt & Arielle Issac Norman. 

September 19, 2018

Ep. 31 – Canine Copulation, Twincest, & Doll Fetishes

Gender Fluids

Arielle tells the story of being confronted by an old lady with a cane after a comedy show, Austin and Arielle parse through the story of a Colorado couple who got caught having sex with their dog, Dog anatomy is discussed, the wonderful experience of having sex with a Penguin is yearned for, Austin talks about a recent Twincest scenario that caught her off guard, Arielle wants someone to make a clone for them to fuck, thank god neither of us has to hump a Cabbage Patch Doll to orgasm, and the fetish of the week is Human Dolls! Gender Fluids got nominated for Best Local Podcast in the Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin 2018 poll!

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As always your hosts are Austin Smartt and Arielle Norman.