How To Unleash Your Inner Paulette Bonafonté

Welcome, spiritual travelers. Are you searching for a light in the darkness, to show you your way along this path we call life? We have that light for you. And its name is Paulette Bonafonté.

Paulette (aka Jennifer Coolidge) is the wise guru at the heart of Legally Blonde, and we like to think of her words as proverbs meant to show us all how to lead a better life. So let these seven Bonafontisms ™ inspire you to aim higher, love deeper, and become more like our favorite nail tech. Namasté.



Tip #1: Support your friends and loved ones.

Tip #2: Take risks in your romantic life.

Tip #3: Always scheme 2 steps ahead of your enemies.

Tip #4: Stay positive. And if you don’t feel positive, fake it honey.

Tip #5: Never hesitate to learn from the wisdom of others.

Tip #6: Open your heart (or your whatever).

Tip #7: Listen to your innermost desires.

And if you’re looking to get into Legally Blonde (spiritually speaking), you’ll need some of the goodies from our collection. Or all of them, if you really want to be next level Paulette. Click the pics for all the swag you can handle.




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