What To Do With Our Legally Blonde Swag

Once in a generation, a line comes along to take the fashion world by storm. The wrap dress. The drop-crotch jogging pants. That kind of thing.

And this year, the most incredible thing to hit the wild world of FASHUN was our deliciously pink line of Legally Blonde items. They’ve got all your favorite quotes from the greatest movie of all time, plus they’re trendy and flattering as heck.

But what’s that you say? You want to buy them all, but you’re not sure where to wear them? Oh so glad you said something! Here are all our recommendations for how and where to wear our adorable duds.


‘What? Like It’s Hard?’ Cap

How To Pair It: Pop on some sunnies and a beachy wave.

Where To Wear It: To the park close to your exes house, where he’ll just happen to see you looking glam and gorgeous.


‘What? Like It’s Hard?’ Notebook

How To Pair It: With a pen with those floofy feathers on top, duh.

Where To Take It: To your advanced fluid mechanics class, or to write your deepest and most private thoughts while you lounge around the house in slippers while eating truffles.


‘Bend & Snap’ Cap

How To Pair It: With a badass motorcycle jacket, ripped jeans, and chucks.

Where To Wear It: To a food trucks and outdoor movie night with the girls, followed by drinks, followed by dancing, followed by midnight animal-style fries.


‘What? Like It’s Hard?’ Tee

How To Pair It: With your nice sweats and a messy ponytail.

Where To Wear It: To the laundry room in your apartment building, so that all the cuties in your building can see you in the  totally ‘not trying’.


‘Whoever Said Orange Was The New Pink Was Seriously Disturbed’ Sweater

How To Pair It: With a hot cup of coffee and a whole bunch of attitude.

Where To Wear It: Anywhere that people need a serious lesson in fashion. Or to the grocery store, either way.


The Bundle

If you don’t want to worry about what to pair with what, or you just want all your LB goodies at once, you gotta get your mitts on our bundle. You save money by getting our shirt and cap at the same time. And let’s be honest, you know you were gonna buy both anyway.


And don’t forget to peep our other tees and pins, while you’re at it!

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