We’re Sooooo Tiiiiiired

Omg do you ever get tired? Like sewwwww tired? Like so exhausted because your life is so busy and you’re so successful at your demanding job and you don’t even have time to rest tired??? Ok but YOU’RE STILL NOT AS TIRED AS WE ARE.

Sketch team DJ Faucet rides again, and this time they just nailed what we really mean when we talk about how tired we all are.





Awww, Baby Aidy Bryant Was Funny As Hell

We’re putting our money on Aidy Bryant to be another huge breakout star from SNL. She slays every scene she’s in, and she can make us snort-laugh with her physical comedy.

But way back in 2012 she was just a lil baby sketch performer, subtly stealing the show onstage at The Second City. This sketch is so cute and so so funny.