Infinite Jest Will Literally Kill You

Infinite Jest is the seminal novel that tells the tale of a dystopian future America, in which the upper classes OH GOD IT’S SO BORING we can’t even finish this sentence. Reading David Foster Wallace’s masterpiece almost killed us in college. And as one book club finds out in this genius sketch from Nadia Osman, the book isn’t just deadly dull – it’s plain old deadly.

Where The Eff Are The Tampons??

What’s up with tampons being impossible to find? When you stumble into the grocery store at 11pm, bloody and pissed, those babies should be right up front with the candy bars and Crock Pot Cooking magazines. But in real life, as in this sketch from Chelsea Frei and co-starring Noam Tomaschoff and Constantine Malahias, they get hidden away by the dumb pharmacy stock bros. Can’t you just let us bleed in peace?!?

TBT: Young Lucille Ball Tearing Up The Dance Floor

Everyone knows Lucille Ball was hilarious. But did you know she was the first female head of a production company, and that she basically created the sitcom format of filming in front of a live audience?

Also DID YOU KNOW that she could sing and dance like a mo fo? Girl could werk. We found this scene from Dance, Girl, Dance, a film that was released in 1940 (aka before Lucy was famous), and we just had to share. #Flawless



RIQ With Cynthia LuCiette: Losing The V Card

We sat down with the hilarious Cynthia LuCiette to ask if she could describe losing her virginity with a movie title. Honestly? She picked the most perfect one. That shit is just terrible.

Also someone tell us when the next meeting of the Secret Thot Fraternity is, we’ll totally bring muffins.

Madonnas vs Whores: TBH Both Teams Suck

Dudes may be able to play for the Warriors, Cavs, 49ers, Maple Leafs, and a zillion other teams. But as we all know women only get two – Madonnas and Whores. So are you a gross skanky thot, or a pure pristine prude? Don’t worry, you don’t actually get to choose, someone will do that for you.

The best buds behind Nanners are queens of satire, and this sketch hit us right in the funny bone and the rage-y bone. Fun!