TBT to Nicole Byer Screaming About Clams

We’re throwing it back to one of the truly classic sketches from comedy history. Nicole Byer screaming ‘YOU GET A CLAM’ will echo in our hearts forever. It’s fierce and it’s funny and it calls out Hollywood for its racist BS like no other. Also did you know that this was directed by Sasheer Zamata?? It’s like all the talented people are best friends, yanno?

Loosely Exactly Amazing

Right from the first 3 lines of this show, you can tell it’s gonna be one of the funniest friggin things ever to appear on tv. Nicole Byer is so effortlessly hilarious, and we’re so stoked that MTV gave her a chance to showcase her insane talent. From racist casting calls to the amazing fake french, Loosely Exactly Nicole has everything AND THIS IS ONLY THE TRAILER.

Nicole Byer Loves Drinking!!

Whoooooo’s ready for the weeeekend?!?! Nicole Byer, that’s who.

Our #1 girl loves our #1 pastime (boozin), and she went on This Is Not Happening to talk about a few of her wilder stories. Turns out she is a very responsible drunk who will never waste pizza. Our kinda woman.

“Sadstagram” Is The App We Actually Need

You know that feeling when you read a friend’s Facebook status update or look at their Instagram post and think, “There’s no way someone can be that happy?” It’s probably because they aren’t!

In a recent sketch from Party Over Here, Jessica and Nicole start to have some serious worries about Alison’s overly happy updates…which is why they need “Sadstagram.” It’s the app that alerts you to what your friends really mean when they post things like, “Greg sent me flowers at work! LOVE HIM!!” Which translates to, “I sent myself flowers at work because Greg broke up with me.”

It’s the app we all need!

Storytime With Nicole Byer: The Jewish Boy Who Got Away

While drunken nights and memories might make you cringe, they mostly make for a hilarious story the next day….or week. Comedian Nicole Byer takes storytelling to a whole other level with her hilarious tale about the boy that got away. Watch her recount the outlandish events which include peeing on a floor, drinking an entire bottle of vodka, and insisting the guy she has a crush on is gay.

Nicole, you are a true queen and may you reign forever.