Loosely Exactly Nicole Is Coming Back!!(?)!

When one of your favorite shows gets cancelled, you feel like…


But then when you hear it gets renewed, you’re all like…


And that is exactly how we’re feeling about the news that Loosely Exactly Nicole is getting renewed. It got canceled after just one season on MTV, but it turns out it’s being brought back as the first ever Facebook show. Whaaaaat?? This is a plot twist worthy of Shakespeare, y’all.

All we know is, wherever LEN is available, we’re for def gonna be watching. With drama like Nicole’s terrible ‘babysitting’ from Season 1, how could we not??


You Gotta Watch Sarah Silverman’s New Special

You seriously have to. ‘A Speck Of Dust’ takes on mortality, poop, Trump, and the meaning of life. And that’s pretty much just one of the jokes. Get hype for it by watching Sarah’s pre-show ritual, then go home and watch it tonight with a loved one (or a blunt, whatever).

We Can’t Wait To Party With Sasheer

Sasheer Zamata leaving Saturday Night Live is a tragedy. But Sasheer having enough free time to create and host a live comedy talk show? That is a big win for everyone. ‘Party Time’ looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast, and you better believe we’ll be tuning in every week! Let the trailer hype you up, then get ready to watch it here.