TFW You’re Just An Old Baby

There’s gonna be a new Maria Bamford stand-up special on Netflix next week and frankly? this could not be better timing. When the world seems dark, when the vultures of depression are circling, we always turn to America’s weirdest stand-up comic to make us feel better. And the Bamf has never failed us yet. Check out Old Baby – directed by Jessica Yu – on May 2nd, and let your problems blow away like a big ol fart!

The Girlboss Trailer Is Maybe Too Perfect

If you’re looking for a funny badass who simultaneously give no fucks and also cares way too much, the new Netflix show Girlboss might be for you. Britt Robertson plays legendary tough chick Sophia Amoruso, who built a fashion empire out of a love for thrifting. The showrunner is Kay Cannon of Pitch Perfect fame, Charlize Theron is executive producing, and it’s just chock full of awesome women writers, producers and actors. We legit can’t wait for the premiere.

Amy Poehler Is Creating A Reality Show 😍

It’s like someone got us the gift we didn’t know we always wanted. Oh what a glorious day. NBC just greenlit a reality show hosted by Kween Amy and angelic human moustache Nick Offerman, and get this – it’s all about people who make cool stuff. It’s called The Handmade Project, and Poehler is gonna be the crafting noob while Offerman plays the expert. And the best news? YOU COULD BE ON IT!! If you’re crafty you can apply at

So in honor of this exciting news, we’re sharing this magnificent mashup of Ron and Leslie moments. They just couldn’t be cuter.

Sakdiyah Ma’ruf is a Hilarious Hijabi You Need To Know

If you haven’t heard Sakdiyah’s stand-up yet, today is your lucky day. The badass comic doesn’t always perform in English, so if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia this TEDx talk is a perfect introduction to Sakdiyah’s irreverent take on extremism, globalism, and dating in your 30’s. She’s the whole package.

TBT: Leslie Jones’ Stand-Up Special Is Wild

How rad is it that SNL finally figured out what to do with Leslie Jones??? She has been absolutely murdering it this season, but that’s no surprise to anybody who followed her stand-up career. Case in point: Problem Child, her stand-up special from 2010. Big Les goes FULL OUT with her takes on girl squads, good dick, being super tall, and way way more. So please enjoy this throwback clip, in which she describes your 4 best friends and you with deadly accuracy.