Happy Holidays! Here’s Some Expensive Crap!

There’s nothing like opening a thoughtful holiday gift! But there’s also nothing quite like opening a gift that makes you realize that your husband or boyfriend knows literally nothing about you. Enter those stupid expensive charm bracelets from the mall. This SNL sketch really captures that moment when you realize he spent eighty bucks on a tiny metal lipstick tube on a chain.

Kellywise Will Haunt Your Nightmares

And now for something spoooOooky. It’s positively scary how the weirdos Trump spokespeople will do literally anything to get on TV. From Spicer and the Emmys, to Kellyanne and her endless thirst for interviews, it’s almost as if these ghouls are haunting us like a movie monster. Which coincidentally, is what this sketch is about.

Kate McKinnon Is Going To Be Ms Frizzle 😍🌛💃

Sometimes the world seems dark and scary, and then Netflix announces that they’ll be rebooting Magic School Bus and Kween Kate will be voicing the fashion forward science teacher, and suddenly you’re SCREAMING WITH JOY. We truly cannot wait for Kate McKinnon to take over for Lily Tomlin as Ms Frizzle. This also feels like the perfect opportunity to post a video of another brush Kate had with weird science. She’s perfection.