That Time Melissa Barfed On Her In-Laws Lawn

The greatest ever party story from our favorite lady? Sign us UP, honey. Watch this interview from Chelsea if you love Melissa McCarthy, want to hear about her being a little baby punk kid in college, and don’t get grossed out by vom stories. Because it has all that and more.

And if you love the greatest Spicer impersonator ever like we do, catch her on TV Land’s show nobodies!

TFW You’re Just An Old Baby

There’s gonna be a new Maria Bamford stand-up special on Netflix next week and frankly? this could not be better timing. When the world seems dark, when the vultures of depression are circling, we always turn to America’s weirdest stand-up comic to make us feel better. And the Bamf has never failed us yet. Check out Old Baby – directed by Jessica Yu – on May 2nd, and let your problems blow away like a big ol fart!

Our Woman Crush Wednesday Is Rashida Jones

All hail Rashida. There’s literally nothing she can’t do, from playing America’s bff Ann Perkins to writing the screenplay for Toy Story 4 to writing the comic book Frenemy of the State to singing like a perfect angel. It’s honestly ridiculous how talented she is. So we made her our Woman Crush Wednesday as a small token of our esteem.