Bet Your Flight Home Is Better Than This One

There’s not much as purely funny in this crazy ol’ world as watching Vanessa Bayer fall out a plane door.  Dang, it’s funny. Anyway, hope your flights and train and bus rides home are cozy and comfy. And if you’re staying in town and doing a Friendsgiving/Selfsgiving, hope the hangover isn’t too rough. 💜💜💜

Funny Lady of The Week: Beth Hoyt!

Ok we gotta take a quick break from all the Halloweeniness to celebrate one of our favorite funny women in the world. Beth Hoyt’s been getting noticed for her roles on Inside Amy Schumer, her amazing impressions of Tilda Swinton and Gwyneth Paltrow, and the original sketches on her Youtube channel. She’s a genius weirdo comedy chameleon and we love everything she makes. So we made her our creator of the week! Yay Beth!

Amy Schumer Is An Animal Hoarder

Amy Schumer has a problem. No, it’s not the zillion million internet trolls who love commenting on whether they’d give her the d or not. It’s animal hoarding, aka the cutest addiction, aka obsessive compulsive cuddling, aka feces everywhere. We need to save her from herself.

Amy’s New Book Comes Out Today !!!1!!

Amy Schumer has a new book of essays out today, and it looks truthy and hardcore and funny af. Go get The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo from a bookstore right now (an independent one, duh).

And while you wait in line, watch this classic and magic Schumer sketch that tells the tale of how Amy became the psycho princess we know and love. Feat Tim Gunn!



Get Your Smoky, Sexy Eyes On with Beth Hoyt

Everyone loves watching a good beauty tutorial. From Kim K to beauty vloggers, watching someone contour their face is mesmerizing. Like, too mesmerizing. We should probably stop watching them and take a shower, right? But listen–if you’ve been trying to master the smoky eye that Amy Schumer thanked in her Emmy speech, Beth Hoyt has the perfect video for you.

Disclaimer: If you pee from laughing while watching this, we are not responsible for cleaning up the mess.