This Valentine’s Day… Save Yo Money

Real romance isn’t $150 dinners and uncomfortable lingerie. Real romance is laying in your own bed watching SVU reruns and letting the dogs under the covers even though they’re not supposed to be up there. Alex Lynn Ward lays out all the reasons to stay home and save yo money this Valentine’s day in her hilarious new music video. And honestly? Her argument is even more right than her glorious windblown hair.

Election Anxiety? Get Your Drink On.

From Alex Lynn Ward, we bring you the beverage that’s gonna get us through this election – Electo-Bismol! It soothes the symptoms of election anxiety, goes down easy(ish), and will keep you from calling your racist-ass relatives to chew them out. Mmmm, so pink!

The Rita Repulsa Makeup Hack For Broke Bitches

Halloween is expensive, y’all. From the Lyft rides to the overpriced drinks to the 4am fries, this holiday sucks the money out of your wallet like a vampire for dead presidents. But luckily, we have our Buffy. Alex Lynn Ward has your makeup hack on lock, with this Rita Repulsa tutorial for broke chicks. It looks just like the professional version! Kind of.

Alex Lynn Ward Is Our Funny Woman Of The Week!

Alex Lynn Ward is our hero. The actor and comedian selflessly provides makeup tips and movie spoilers for broke bitches on her Youtube channel, she answers all our really important questions about firefighter poop and emojis, and she teaches us all how to follow appropriate office etiquette over on the WhoHaha Snapchat. She’s basically like a hot Gandhi.

So this week, we’re all about Alex! We put together some of our favorite ALW videos into a playlist for you to enjoy, plus she’ll be taking over our Instagram and we’re gonna feature some of her greatest tweets. Get stoked people, it’s gonna be a great week.

Alex Lynn Ward’s Got The Lingo

Ever feel like you’re out of the loop? Like these dang kids are using words that make no sense, words like ‘snazzy’ and ‘cool cats’? Per usual, we got you covered. Very cool hip creative lady Alex Lynn Ward came in to WhoHaha HQ to teach us all her favorite lingo. And this week, we covered the multi-faceted term ‘tight’. Get ready to learn!