The Nerdiest Carol of All

This Christmas carol from the precious adorable nerd singer/songwriters The DoubleClicks is so dang catchy, we’d go door to door singing it for sure. The geekly sisters sing about how far they’d go to be with their loved one during the holidays, and if you catch all the references than honestly you’re a better nerd than we are.

If You Loved Hamilton, You’ll Tolerate Taft!

Musicals about great Americans in history are all the rage! So why not one about a pretty good American?? William Howard Taft didn’t change the country or make any memorable speeches, but he did exist and was also definitely president for a minute there. And luckily for us, sketch duo Fenton & Grace wrote him a musical of his very own.

L.A. Deals (For Total Weirdos)

City living is pricy. It feels like two thirds of our paychecks are just going to restaurants. And don’t even get us started on the expensive museums!

Thank goodness Kimmy Wilkins (aka Jessica Leigh Gonzales) is here to show us how to get the neatest deals on looking at art in Los Angeles. Spoiler alert: ya gotta get underground!